Letter from the President



2014 Outstanding Extra Large Chapter

23 November 2014

Dear AFA Member,

The Paul Revere Chapter Council met this past Thursday and I wanted to update our members on the many activities we have going. Please join us in these activities.

  1. Our annual AFA Holiday Party is set to go on Friday 5 December and we would like to have as many members as possible join us. It is a major fundraiser for the gifts for homeless veterans at the Lowell Veterans Community Center and the AFA Wounded Airmen Program. I ask for your support. All of the senior leadership on Hanscom AFB and the MA Adjutant General will attend. Please join us. You should have received an invitation, and details are at this web location: http://www.paulrevereafa.org/afa-holiday-gala-2/
  2. We have a new Chapter Secretary, Emily Shay, and AFA Emerging Leader takes the place of AJ Jarnagin. We want to thank AJ for his selfless hours putting together all our meetings and many reports.
  3. We are looking to expand the chapter’s role in the Wounded Airmen Program. It is the only program dedicated to wounded airmen. Our chapter is working with the 66 MDS to let qualified Airmen know they can self-identify for this important program.
  4. Our EXCOM will be busy developing our Annual Activity and Financial Plan. If you have any inputs, please let us know. We will be reviewing the plan at our Chapter Council Meeting on 18 December. We are looking to increase our activity and footprint, so if you have any special interest, please let me know.
  5. The chapter is looking at starting an essay contest to support our AFLCMC mission. It is similar to the Gen Bernard A. Schriever Memorial Essay Contest.
  6. We are pursuing our dream of a national interest symposium here on Hanscom AFB to discuss the ISR mission, National Guard involvement and improving the too slow acquisition process. Look for more to come shortly and expect some high level visitors around April or May.
  7. We need to have a chapter meeting to update our bylaws. Look for a chapter meeting in January or February. Details to follow.
  8. On 17 December we have our holiday party for the Veterans at the Lowell Veterans Community Care Center. Contact Mike Therrien (781-225-4113) if you want to volunteer.

I plan to reach out directly to our chapter members at least once a month. We need your help to continue the great Paul Revere traditions.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.


Paul Zauner

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